With the goal of increasing XTERRA Portland’s outreach, we wanted to reach out to a few individuals and ask them to become ambassadors to XTERRA Portland.  In short, we are asking you to be on our team to promote the race and get new competitors to the Hagg Lake Course on August 4th  

How do you become a XTERRA Portland Ambassador and what do you get for being one? 

• All XTERRA Portland Ambassadors need to have 4 athletes (each relay team counts as one athlete) sign up for either the Point Series Race, Duathlon, or Xticer race. 

• Each athlete needs be newer to XTERRA Portland (has not raced at XTERRA Portland for a least the last 2 years) 

• Each ambassador will receive a 10% discount code for their “athletes” to use for registration. 

• Each ambassador will get a free registration to XTERRA Portland

 • We ask all XTERRA Portland Ambassadors to utilize social media to promote the event.

 • If you cannot meet the 4 athletes requirement, we will pro-rate your entry fee based on the amount of athletes you get to register. 

• Remember, you do not need to personally know the athletes that will race under you ambassador discount.

 • Send email to with “ambassador” in subject line to tell us if you are interested.